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Is Nobuna Reliable?

Is Nobuna Reliable?

I’ve been seeing plenty of Nobuna ads on Facebook recently. I wondered if I visited the site. According to their claims, more than 2,500 Premium themes and add-ons are 90% cheaper than their producers.

You can access all themes and add-ons on the site by paying only $ 15 a month. I caught a lot of attention and I wanted to do a little bit of this. Because they think they can give you $ 89.99 worth of Yoast Seo Premium.

Nobuna Facebook REKLAMI Facebook ad

When I asked them how they could sell add-ons and themes cheaper than their producers, they said, “We can give special support service so cheaply because we take over.” I’m not convinced enough to make sense.

Well Is Nobuna Reliable?

I contacted Emre Vona, a Turkish producer at Nobuna. I asked if there was a cooperation. The answer I received is as you see below 🙂

Emre Vona'nın gönderdiği E-Posta
E-Mail sent by Emre Vona

The answer I received from Emre Vona was enough, but I said to send an email to Yoast Seo Premium producers. I got the same answer in them. You can see the e-mail from Yoast Seo premium producers below.

Yoast Seo Premium Yapımcılarından Gelen E-posta
Email From Yoast Seo Premium Producers

As you can see from the incoming reply e-mails, is completely illegal. They probably sell the Warez content that they download from the internet to people in a paid way. Be the first to ensure that your site can continue to broadcast safely, do not add any other than its makers.

Now that you read our article entitled Nobuna Reliable, the next spelling is Unlimited and free instagram likes sites Stay healthy, do not spare your comments …

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